Thursday, October 4, 2012

October=Going Unprocessed!

As we become more aware, more educated on the foods we have always ate, without much thought to what is in it or where it comes from, our journey towards a more natural whole-istic path becomes more clear. A direction becomes more valid and goals become evident!

While we have slowly been heading towards a more natural path with real foods, I have decided to make a huge leap for October by going unprocessed. It truly amazes me just how much processed foods, filled with things that are potentially harmful to our bodies, fills our grocery carts and kitchen on a monthly basis. In large part due to the foods I grew up on as a child and really never questioned it........until now.

So for October I have decided to only shop real foods, ones that are not filled with chemicals, and fillers, ones that have not made the cost jump higher while reducing nutritional value. Food that is not made with GMO's or Water and Sugar as their main ingredients. Our bodies were not designed for these complex chemicals, oils and sugars, no wonder our bodies become sick as our cells attack these ingredients as a foreign substance threat!

I even came across a blog, after I made my decision on this topic  where you can sign the pledge at

This will not apply to what I already have in the house but will apply when I go do my major shopping here in a day or so and will continue throughout the month.........if successful I hope to continue it forever!

Want to join me? Let me know in the comments!