Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back to the Basics: DIY Laundry

While most don't sit around dreaming of the good old days in the form of washing laundry out by hand, this is what I have been doing all week! For us it is a savings of $20 a month as I typically hauled it to the laundry mat once a month.
For every way I find a way to save a few dollars, I plan on putting the savings up in a sealed jar and ear marking jars for a few certain funds.
Here is how I am doing it:
1.) I found an old phone line cord I do not need and tied it up in our bathroom indented closet that is the area meant for a washer and dryer to go in our place. I tied it around the middle wood piece that divides the cupboards that is meant for laundry soap and other laundry types of storage. The phone cord fit perfect from one cupboard across to the next forming a very small but usable clothes line for winter drying.
This makes it to where I have to wash something daily for my family of 5 BUT I should be able to do it in one day in the summer when I put up an outside clothes line and can hang  a lot more clothing!
2.) I take dirty clothes and hang them across the line to see how much will fit, when they reach across the line, I then take them and put them in a 5 gallon bucket. This ensures I do not put more in the bucket than I can hang to dry.
3.) I put a little laundry soap in and put hot water in, let soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
4.) I take a plunger and then plunge the clothes ( the bucket sits in the bathtub to make sure I don't make a mess and for easy filling and emptying of the bucket.  I plunge about 10 minutes.
5.) I empty the whole bucket in the tub, then wring the water out of the clothes putting them back in the bucket.
6.) I fill with cold water and plunge again about 10 minutes.
7.) Again I empty the whole bucket into the tub, wring the water out of the clothes and put them back in the bucket.
8.) Fill again with the cold water for a second rinse, plunge 5 to 10 minutes, empty bucket and wring the water out of the clothes really well and hang on the line.
9.) I have a large plastic sheet left over from winterizing the windows I cover the floor with under the line to make sure any clothes that may drip, will not ruin the floor.
The next morning I turn the clothes over on the line and put up when dry and get another batch done to hang.
No it is not romantic, nor is it convenient but it will save some money and I actually prefer doing them this way for the main point that I HATE going to a laundry matt where I feel like it is 2 hours of idle wasted time. I also hate hauling several bags and baskets all around in blustery cold weather which is NOT my idea of fun.
I like doing laundry at home on MY TERMS in between doing other things!
This way though does get them just as clean as a $2 washing machine and I don't need the $1.50 per load to dry!