Friday, November 30, 2012

No Thrift Stores Here.......

Well it only took me 2 years to find our local Salvation Army, yeah sad but true! It is not in an area I usually go and prior to me knowing the main part of town, map quest just confused me.

So me and hubby went and took a look and I was so disappointed! Our Salvation Army is not a store and is only there to offer services. The store is in another town 30 miles away that we rarely get to because gas is usually an issue for anything more than local driving.

I am use to rural areas having very limited resources but this particular rural area seems void of everything and is starting to really frustrate me.

That being said, we have NO Thrift stores which I would really think would be beneficial to this area. We had one when we first moved here but a new owner took over and took the thrift out of it and made it a high priced novelty store. He lasted 6 months if that before he closed doors and resorted to trying to sell his high priced items at a perpetual yard sale in town.

Some real down falls of this undeveloped area has been

  • decent Internet service, as it was for almost 2 years we had nothing but dial-up as high speed did not exist in our area.
  • free video rentals from library-nope they charge and only have about 30 horrid horrid choices as it is like Austin Powers kind of stuff.
  • no thrift stores- hangs head in total sadness
  • For the first year we had a walmart that closed at 9pm and no food, a year ago we got a Super Walmarts that offered food and and open 24 hours so no longer a down fall
  • Not any real choices of where to shop
  • high winds most the time- that's what happens when the land is flat, flat, flat, flat!
  • no choice for phone service- we have one choice which is Frontier which BITES BIG TIME and over charges on a monthly basis, been a huge headache for us
  • closed minded small town mentality-enough said there! LOL

Now I do love my rural areas as there are many positives as well but I would really love some second hand stores within driving distance!

Some Positives are

  • Low crime
  • friendly farmer neighbors
  • slow pace of life
  • no traffic
  • wildlife out your door
  • everything closes at 5pm  ( except our newer Super Walmarts of course)
  • quiet
  • great fishing spots
  • low cost rentals and housing prices
  • foraging opportunities
So yeah good things too just as there is with everything.

I still want a goodwill or salvation army store here though!

Going off to pout while I finish our yummy pork tenderloin roast , mashed potato's and carrots for dinner!