Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our First Blue Egg! :)

Sorry the photo is not the best but you can see the blue tinted egg right?  Our Araucauna started laying yesterday so now we will have brown eggs and this blue-ish, greenish eggs! They are also known as the "Easter Egg" chicken due to the color eggs they lay. Even if you know they lay them, it sure is exciting to actually see them for real that first time. It was actually much darker than I expected and matched the egg carton color LOL.

While our ISA browns have been laying since September now, our Araucauna finally started completing all of our hens now producing eggs for us ( a total of 4 hens).

The kids and hubby loved seeing this weird looking egg and who knows, eggs through the winter, baby chicks in the spring? ( we have 3 roosters!)

Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday, hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend!