Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bronco Bob Your OURS BABY!

He may be old, he may have been around the block ( 220,000 miles on him), he may be a little rusty with doors that squeak and stick from time to time BUT Friday marked our last payment on him after an 18 month stretch of $180 monthly payments!

HE IS OURS and that is like giving ourselves a $180 a month raise! WOOT WOOT

He was the last thing we had payments on that seals our deal on livng a cash only lifestyle now. This means we will immediatly start putting money away into a car fund so that the next time we need a vehicle, there will be no payments, nor will there be  3 months of biking the 5 miles to town to scrape together the meager down payment to  get a car attached to payments.

We made the cash only policy a couple months AFTER we got Bronco Bob and we have been doing really good on that other than truck payments. However I do not ever want payments on a car again, I have always hated it but seems we always get locked into them.

So let the new car fund begin ( of course along with a repair one to keep Bronco Bob going as long as we can)!

We soooooooooooooooo OWN YOU BRONCO BOB!

Do you take on car payments or do you pay for your automobiles with cash?