Friday, November 9, 2012

The Man Who Quit Money

By now, David Suelo is fast becoming a well known common name among financial and minimalist bloggers. I have been reading articles and following his blog myself for at least a year now as he has a very inspiring and intriguing story to tell. His blog at Zero Currency shares some of this along with his philosophy where he decided to quit money and has lived without it for 12 years now living in caves in Moab Utah.

He does not accept money nor uses it in any way and while much of his decision to do so was based for religious reasons, his story is inspiring for how successful he has been  at being able to live in a society built on a banking system, without  buying into the system and trusting that his needs will be provided for. He lives in caves, forages for food and makes use of what others throw out, dumpster diving for his needs. While he will accept food and invitations for a hot meal, he will not accept money.

I have had his book The Man Who Quit money ( written by a friend where Suelo himself does not receive any royalties from) on my wish list for some time now and finally was able to purchase it and read it!

The book fascinated me and took me on a journey like no other with the uniqueness of David Suelo himself. While not everyone is willing to give up everything they own to live in a cave, it still delivers a strong message to all and to evaluate ones life.

Fascinating.........Just Sayin