Friday, November 23, 2012

No Black Friday here!

I do not see the craze that takes hold of consumers to camp out in tents, push people over, pepper spray them, rush around madly, fight crowds and a whole bunch of other things just a few hours after giving gratitude for our blessings to go shopping.

While perhaps a few deals may be had, the truth is there is a reason the stores make a huge profit for this event and it is not by granting everyone "deals." Sure some may be so the store can unload inventory they can not otherwise sell before they write it up as a loss. But this is not everything the promote as being a "sale" item and use a bunch of gimmicks to trick and confuse the rabid consumers.

Whether it is simply to get bargains on products you most likely will never use,  or to do your Christmas shopping on this day, to me it is simply not worth it or a trend I will ever give into.

So today finds me, sitting at home as will all future Black Fridays. It just is not a day for everyone, while I am sure some of you do have an incredibly fun day with it ( I am certainly not knocking anyone who enjoys Black Friday's!)

I for one, just don't get the point or why so many get so crazy over it!

Happy Friday Y'all, have a great weekend!