Friday, November 23, 2012

Ways to start a Raw Foods Diet

If you are like me being raised on processed foods, fried foods, junk foods and overly cooked foods that break down all the wonderful living enzymes, leaving it virtually lacking in nutrition, you may find it hard converting over to a raw foods menu.

These living enzymes in our foods is what aides us in giving us our bodies needs and having our immune systems work properly. Did you know that just 1 teaspoon of white sugar will block your immune system from working properly for up to 4 hours?  Also when we cook our foods, it kills all the benefits, raw foods have to offer our bodies. We should be eating at least 80% raw foods, yet most of us are lucky to even be eating 10% and certainly not on a regular basis either.

I have been wanting to convert to a whole foods/ raw foods diet for quite some time now,  yet every time I go food shopping, it is a struggle, my taste buds tell me I LIKE all the processed foods. Being a habit of 44 years is also working against me. This is for sure creating a struggle for me in our journey to a healthier lifestyle and my radar for processed foods seems to run on automatic any time I visit a grocery store.

If is is so difficult to convert and change your diet, what is one to do?

Where do you start?

Where to start- First step take white flour, white sugar, junk food, fried food, packaged foods, caffeine and alcoholol out of your diet.

Start each day with an 8 ounce glass of water with a ginger slice and freshly squeezed lemon in it.

prepare weekly menus for the month and make sure at each meal you incorporate at least one raw food into it, this goes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The raw food can be smoothies, green juice ( should be at least 1 green smoothie or juice a day with greens such as kale or spinach greens  and green apple in it ) fresh juices made with your juicer at home, Salads with freshly made raw salad dressing,  fruit salads, raw soups, or fresh veggie trays.

Be sure to be drinking plain water in between meals.

So this is my plan for December to move away from processed foods and will post updates on how it is going.

Have you been successful converting to a whole foods and raw foods diet? What tips do you have that really worked for you?