Friday, November 16, 2012

No Fridge Update

Well for November we went 12 whole days without the refrigerator and for the most part did not miss it although we did use a cooler ( free ice from hubby's work) for milk and plain yogurt. Eventually I would like to get rid of the cooler as well but not sure if this would work in my family as they do not like almond milk that I could make as needed.

At the end of 12 days however, I did plug it back in, for a couple reasons, one of which I already had wondered about starting it in November.  For one I needed the freezer portion because to be honest I DID NOT want to wait the day before Thanksgiving to get my Turkey while I could get it NOW on sale.

I did miss being able to buy meats on sale to put in the freezer.

The other reason was I had gotten a surprise phone call from our Landlord asking me if we liked Venison. He plans on shooting one for us during this season so I wanted the freezer on knowing I could get venison any day during hunting season but not knowing if or when.

Looking at it from a mathematical stand point, do we want to save $8 off our electric bill or save $40 or more on meat?

The obvious won out.

Knowing December will bring another holiday meal I do not think we will be trying this experiment again until January although I do not know, my family really likes their refrigeration and I really like the freezer portion of stocking up on meats.

Yes I could totally rearrange and change the way we eat, but to me old habits die hard and I do not at this moment WANT to change eating Turkey for Thanksgiving, I LOVE turkey as does the rest of the family!

Yet it was interesting to do the 12 days and I applaud the others that have given it up, I am not really sure that this family wants to give it up as a permanent fixture.

Maybe cheap homemade vegetable oil burning tin can lamps in lieu of electric lights is more up our alley?

But then again I have not given up completly on this project and as I said, perhaps in January we will try again...........

For now I am drooling over the Turkey in my freezer and the possbile venison that will be joining it soon..........