Saturday, November 17, 2012

2 Eggs a Day!

This whole week our ISA Brown hens have been providing us with 2 eggs a day with their brown eggs seeming to finally be regular in egg laying production. We have 3 ISA Brown hens and 1 Araucauna Hen although the Araucauna is not laying yet.  The ISA Browns are known for laying all winter long without artificial lighting which prompted us to choose them.

2 eggs a day for now is plenty for our egg consumption though and will not have need to buy any more supermarket eggs! YEAH this makes me really happy even if it is a small step towards self reliance. We love having chickens even if only a few and in the spring even have plans to plant a small "chicken" garden for them!

I am hoping soon it will go to averaging 3 eggs a day but for now, will make do with the 2 a day, of course it will fun in the spring when I allow them to hatch out a small batch of chicks too!

There is nothing like country fresh eggs!