Monday, November 19, 2012

Mystery Shopping

I applied about 3 months ago to a couple of companies for Mystery Shopping and was called the other day by one of them. With only 1 car and hubby working some very funky shifts, I need things on my end to be very flexible which Mystery Shopping fits that bill.

Today I have my first assignment and I am kind of excited about it and plan to take hubby with me. Although it really does not pay well, it is a free date day with a few dollars for gas money spent. We will see how it goes but have been told that once I do this first assignment I will then get a rating and have priority over future ones.

I have also read that typically the longer you stay with a company, not only the more assignments you will recieve, but you will get better pay as well. We shall see how it goes!

Today it is for a sandwich shop where we will be reimbursed for the food we order and then a small flat fee will be paid for filling out the form after visiting.  This will also allow us to try places we may not have thought to try before.

With a tight budget that really does not allow for entertainment though, this is a nice way for us to be able to have free or very low cost date days if nothing else so yeah I am good with that! Not always with hubby either but it will allow me to have one on one date days with my kids sometimes too which are times I totally cherish!

With a beautifully mild sunny day in the 50's, a dinner date with my sweet hubby and an evening home with my kids watching Bones, what more could a mama want? A great way to re-charge my batteries before cooking a Thanksgiving feast here in a couple of days!

Have you ever been a Mystery Shopper? What did or do you think of the experience?