Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things We Do NOT Buy

1.) Make-up

2.) Hair cuts

3.) Hair products such as gels, mouse or hair spray

4.) Shaving Cream

5.) Potato Chips ( a rare treat maybe 2x a year)

6.) Alcohol ( again a rare treat maybe 3x a year and some years I make my own wine)

7.) Pop Tarts

9.) Cold Cereal on a regular purchase (another rare treat)

10.) Trash Bags ( use grain feed bags )

11.) Sanwhich bags ( use old bread bags)

12.) Tv dinners

13.) Kool Aids or soda pop

14.) Cable Tv

15.) Cookies, junk foods

16.) pot pies

17.) Other frozen meals ( exception frozen lasagna due to it being much cheaper than my homemade version)

18.) Dog Food ( make it all homemade and homestyle cooking)

19.) Very Little Red Meat ( occasional purchase)

20.) New ( much of what we buy is used other than underwear, socks and  shoes )

21.) Our Future ( we do not use our future to pay for today, using the cash only policy)

22.) Juice

23.) Water ( hubby brings it home for free)

24.) Garbage Service ( recycle, re-use, re-purpose, Feed to chickens, compost and burn in burning barrel)

25.) Baking mixes such as pancake, or muffin mixes

26.) Second Car ( we are a 1 car family)

27.) Plastic wrap

28.) Cleaners ( use borax, vinegar or baking soda)

29.) Trinkets ( I do not buy knick knacks, pictures, signs or anything I consider a trinket)

30.) Movies at a Theatre

31.) Candy at the checkout

32.) Nail polish or remover

33.) Paper Towels

This is just a quick itemization of things we do not ever buy or things very occassionally purchased as a treat. I am sure if I put more thought to it this list would grow.

What are some things you do not purchase to help keep expenses down or to reduce your environmental impact?