Monday, November 5, 2012

No Impact Man: No Fridge Experiment

I have been reading how others have given up using a refrigerator and how many Americans refrigerate far more than they really need to.

I must say this has intrigued me and reading Little Blog in The Big Woods article on No Fridge for 30 years gave me the courage to unplug ours November 3! Our daughters own words were "Wow what an interesting experiment!"

Then yesterday we reinforced this concept a step further by watching the Documentary "NO Impact Man"  which is an inspiring story about a Man and his family living in New York City did a one year experiment of trying to live the entire year without impacting the environment and zero waste. They gave up motorized transportation, take out food, disposables, espresso's, buying anything new, eating only local in season foods and even gave up electricity.

It was interesting and I was surprised by my daughter wanting to give up many things that were shown in the documentary.

It is lovely that you can take things from your daily life and quickly turn them into a rich learning experience.

The one thing I REALLY need to think through is the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner! 

What interesting non conventional things are you learning right now? I would love to hear in the comments!