Saturday, December 15, 2012

A 2011 and 2012 Comparison

At first glance it does not seem like much has changed from 2011 and 2012 as far as income and struggles. Yet when little details are thought about it has been a huge difference.

2011  had us bike riding 5 miles to town and back daily for 3 months
2012 had us being able to not only drive but to pay off the truck as well.

2011 had me bikng up to 20 miles a few times a week to collect returnable cans or forage for wild foods such as apples and pears.
2012 had us having a garden so the food was right out the door

2011 had us going absolutely nowhere but town locally
2012 brought us a 4 day camping trip and me and hubby's first date day in 2 years! (being homeschoolers I am with my kids 24/7 which I love but having one on one time with hubby was bloody fantastic!)

2011 had us reaching December with an empy propane tank, and shut off notices for electricity and phone. It also had us arrive at the holdays without a dime and relied on the kindness of a stranger.
2012 had us reach December with full propane tank and only a shut off notice for electricity that i was able to make arrangements on AND still have money to give the kids a wonderful christmas this year while also finding bargain deals for what they wanted.

2011 We had no chickens
2012 we have chickens supplying us with fresh eggs almost daily

2011 had us not hearing from adult son in several years with an estranged relationship
2012 brought our son home regaining a wonderful relationship with him

2011 had hubby for several months only getting 20 hours a week
2012 brought hubby full time each and every week

2011 had us building material needs from scratch as we moved up here with only what could fit in the trunk of our car.
2012 brought us a year where we really did not need anything

2011 was full of doubt and questions to what really was wrong with me
2012 is bringing us long awaited needed answers to those questions

2011 had us struggling to keep enough food in the house ( we managed but it was tough!)
2012 brought us ample food with no worrying about it

When starting to look at the details, 2012 was a much better year than 2011 hands down!