Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Very Blessed Season

It is turning out to be a very blessed season this year, one in which I am very grateful for.

My hubby has been an absolute sweetheart and going so far out of his way to make things easier on me, that I am actually feeling a bit guilty about! But he has truly been incredible and doing whatever he can to make me comfortable and ease my work load as it has been a very trying and difficult week for me this week, thus the Absense here on the blog.

We had done the tests of the mammogram and ultra sound and now awaiting the results now yet hubby took me out to lunch afterwards. Just him and me :)  have I mentioned he is my best est friend and how much I truly love that man?  Sweetest guy I have ever known!

We were very blessed by having a little money for holiday shopping for the kids and I found great buys on these items.

Someone hubby knows chooses a family every year to gift to that they feel it could really help........they chose our family as he knew about hubby biking faithfully to work every day for 3 months and that he is there every day, never calling in or missing work. This man has NO IDEA how much this will make a difference this year to us. The kids really have not had much of a holiday in a few years, and at this time we really don't even know if I will be around come this time next year although I plan on fighting tooth and nail, we really wanted to make sure the kids have a wonderful holiday with gifts they really wanted.

My husband just got off the phone right now as we speak from his boss who is coming over in a little bit after shopping for the kids! All the managers got together and contributed to this agreeing that my husband does so much for everyone, they wanted to give back and would not take no for an answer!

My mom and sister are coming on the 28th where I will cook a large dinner for them and spend time with them. I don't get to see them but a couple times a year but it never seems enough! They both are incredible ladies that I love so much and my sister is always working around the clock, helping others never taking time or doing anything for herself. Me cooking a nice dinner for her is a treat where she can relax and visit!

I have been getting so much support in my comments here and in my email, that it is overwhelmingly a blessing and means so much to me.

A Canadian friends thoughtfulness of sending me Daily Christmas cards that are beautiful and animated has no idea how much they lift my spirits and fills me with spirit at the same time. She has been doing this since December 1 all the way to the 25th.

So to my family in the real world, and to all the people I have developed a connection with online that I truly consider friends, and to those new coming here and leaving uplifting, thoughtful comments, I am very grateful.

While this holiday is nothing extravagant, it truly is one that will be remembered and it is all the building memories that count at the end of the day.

I also found an affirmation that I love and am saying throughout the day!

"Today every part of me feels better in every way!"

Isn't that a terrific affirmation?

Blessings to each and every one, and wishing everyone is having as blessed December as I am.