Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crap, the World Did Not End-NOW WHAT?

I knew I  could not be that lucky where in a blink of the eye, all my problems would disappear in a "Poof!"

I already sent out Letter of Intent declaring my relationship with all my utility companies and bill collectors was ending due to the World ending and to stop billing me, as there really was no point in trying to collect money now was there?

We already gave away all our material possessions and valuables.

We laid on a blanket staring at the sky in a winter storm for 24 hours waiting, looking, waiting, wondering how, waiting, looking..............and what? NOTHING? Not even a spark shooting through the sky? Did we waste a whole day on the Winter Solstice on a ancient prediction that was miss interpreted? We made it a block party too! Such as my sister in law holds wild hurricane parties, ours was an end of the world party! We put our heart and soul into living it up and watching the sky!

So I get up this morning, and still here, nothing has changed,


Go back to being resilient and resourceful? Working hard? Putting the F in frugality? Thinking out of the box? Prepare to fight like never before? Oh yeah, AND paying bills and other financial obligations? GASP.

YOU BET! Back up in the Saddle, boxing gloves on, and opening my heart and arms to all the wonderful things the universe has to bring me for 2013!

Enjoy your weekend ya'all!