Monday, December 31, 2012

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking is the surreal feeling I have had over the last couple of weeks and I might say, it is the weirdest feeling ever!

When me and my daughter started this blog, it was an aim for a healthier lifestyle in all aspects, for my daughter it stemmed from being born with Cerebral Palsy. For me it was a suspicion of cancer.

Over the last couple of weeks, that suspicion is becoming a reality as I go through all the testing. I have had the physical and the mammogram with ultrasounds as well. I still have the biopsy on January 3rd to go to and then wait a week after that to get the final results. Yet even at the physical it pretty much became a reality.

I took it pretty well as I had come to terms with it some time ago and put off getting it checked as we did not have insurance at the time. I finally found a program where I qualified for to get help but that took me quite some time to find. We are aware it is a good possibility of being in a late stage and I have faced that.

As soon as the news started breaking through the grapevine to loved ones, a bizarre world appeared that I did not quite expect. They started talking to me, about me, as if I was already in the grave! I had this urge to put a sign around my neck that read "Dead Man Walking!" I even had to ask a couple of times for people to quit talking about me like I was already in the grave!

You see it seems that if people are aware you may have stage IV breast cancer, they automatically believe the negative aspects of those statistics. Sure I have a 1% chance of kicking cancers ass. Sure I have a 15% to 20% chance of living 5 years and on average one at this stage lives 18 months after diagnosis.

Statistics scare the hell out of people!

But I am NOT a Dead Man Walking, I AM VERY MUCH ALIVE. my fate is NOT sealed and I have many choices on what I can do to increase my odds to get me to come out on the end of the long line of the survival curve.

Through modern medicine, and treating the whole body nutritionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, I see no reason why my odds won't increase and that I have many years ahead of me. This blog will help me stay accountable for these life changes.

This past week I have been establishing my fight plan for 2013, which I will be sharing soon. It will be a blend of a cancer fighting diet, imagery, music, touch therapy and physical exercise and I am looking forward  to getting it started!

Have a Great New Year everyone!