Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hoping This House is Still for Sale in 2 months!

I have been looking pretty hard just to see things that are available when I came across this little beauty!  While this is nowhere near as large as the house I posted about the other day it is way more to our style and liking!
The yard is not all that big but well, you can't have everything at least it is pretty and a wooded setting, kind of hidden away on the very edge of a decent sized town.
Me and hubby fell in love with this place and it was listed in Novemeber so I am really hoping it is still there in 2 months at tax refund time.
I am not sharing the link because I do not want someone to snatch it up because you wanna know the price?
Yup that is correct!
It is 1300 sq feet and the fireplace in it will help big time for heating it!
Now, just to keep everyone away from it for 2 months!........
Even if it needs some work ( from looks of photos, it certainly does) it would be worth it if the structure is sound!
What do you think, could you see my family in a place like this? :)