Friday, December 7, 2012

Ending the Year in a Bang

It has been a rough couple of days, keeping me away from the computer and ending the year in a bang.

December started off with a shut off notice for our electricity, juggling all year always seems to leave us entering holidays in a tight spot and behind in bills, at least for these past 3 years!

But good news is I found out we qualified for a low income shut off protection all year plan where the fit any past due amount in along with a monthly average bill. I had to pay $20 to complete the process and now will have a monthly payment of $49, so all good there.

I found terrific reduced meat prices at Walmart on the 5th and our freezer is full of meat. They had pork tenderloin roasts for $11 ( for huge 6 lb roasts) so I have 2 in the freezer ( after cooking the 3rd one last week) I also have a Turkey from last month on sale, a Ham I bought for $11 with bone in ( for split pea and ham soup after ham for Christmas dinner). I got 4 packages of ground pork on sale for $1.80 a package, 2  10 lb packages of chicken leg quarters, a 5 lb package of chicken breasts and several ground beef rolls.

On top of this I was able to bulk shop many of the staples we use such as flour, sugar, oils, rice etc and bought a nice amount of fresh produce for fruits and salads.

I finally was able to go through the proper channels and make an appointment with the health department to start the process of finding out if I have breast cancer.( for those who have followed this blog for at least a year may remember my concerns last holiday season on this matter.... I go in on the 14th for that, 2 days after making the appointment this happened.......

Wednesday night, I woke up with extreme pain in my right shoulder, collar bone and in my right lower back. I got up to use the bathroom and to get some aleeve but while in the bathroom started fighting a weird weird numb feeling and consciousness where the whole world started going black. I barely made it to the bedroom where I went to my knees and was able to barely reach up and tap hubby to wake him up informing him we need to go to emergency. Then I was on the floor on my back balling like a baby, not being able to really describe exactly what was wrong and unable to move for about 10 minutes. Hubby was able to get me in the truck and on the way the headlights started going out, no turn signals and battery light on. He turned around and the engine started cutting out but we managed to get home without having to walk.

I was feeling fine by then so in the morning thankfully we have free towing through our insurance. The place we deal with for car repairs are getting to know us so they allowed us to post date a check for the new battery replacement. They then realized the alternator had also gone so they fixed it, opened up a line of credit for us and as long as we throw $5 a week on it, we know in the future we will be able to get things fixed if we do not have the money up front. AWESOME. Except the whole post dated check comes out of hubby's check on December 22 which was basically the money I planned on getting the kids gifts on! Sigh, it will all work out in the end! Rock on!

But this time my mom had put it in my head that what happened just may have been a heart attack ( it runs BIG TIME on my dads side with his brothers and sisters all having heart attacks in their 30's.

It was also 6pm the next  day after the truck got repaired and we ate dinner so fine went up to the ER against my better judgement.

6 hours later? They ruled out heart attack and they also ruled out Dental infection gone septic ( Yup I am in HORRID need of dental work, really bad, really embarrassing)

Their verdict? heart attacks do not wake people up from sleep, therefore most likely indigestion or acid reflux???????

How does that explain collar bone and back pain? no clue, I don't buy it but I am use to that kind of diagnoses from emergency room doctors which is why when people push me to go, I don't.

But it is good to know it was not my heart or dental infection gone into my blood stream.

Yet it bothers me because I am a strong woman with high tolerance to pain and push through most pain and illnesses and don't cry wolf.

Not only was it scary as hell , it scared my whole family because it is so unlike me to cry let along collapse. Well MOST the family anyways, my 14 year old son slept through all of it and had no clue to what we were all talking about in the morning LOL. The rest of my family was scared witless.

So yeah, being on the computer blogging just was not in the cards these last couple of days LOL.

I am hoping that by January I will finally have some answers to go off of to long time questions and be able to go from there.