Saturday, December 8, 2012

2013 Goals

Goals for 2013

I have made a new page for these up at the top to help keep them in sight and in focus, but these will be our goals for 2013. Nothing fancy mind you, but perhaps reachable for the new year!

Spend Less Than Earned

How do I plan on doing this?

1.) Reduce Electric Bill by 50%

2.) Cancel Netflix for April, May, June, July and August

3.) Wash laundry by hand ( in 5 gallon bucket and plunger) and line dry

4.) Quit Smoking

5.) Raise at least 80% of food

6.) Make Cloth Sanitary Pads

7.) Cut out Rent

8.) Reduce Phone/Internet Bill

9.) Mow our own Yard

10.) Create Workable Budget where expenses are less than income ( $1,000 a month budget)

11.) Sew
12.) Buy anything we need used from craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales etc.

Health is TOP priority for 2013

1.) Testing for Breast Cancer ( starts actually December 14, 2012 but will start 2013 with results and what to do from there

2.) Going Unprocessed , more raw foods, whole foods diet with proper nutritional guidlines

3.) Set up dental appointments to get rest of teeth pulled and dentures through a clinic 30 miles away for low income or non insured families.

4.) Set up and stick with exercise plan

5.) Stop Smoking

Earn More Money/ Extra Money and Set up Funds
amounts shown in red is desired goals for 2013

1.) Emergency Fund $1,000
2.) Christmas Fund $300
3.) Holiday fund ( birthdays and anniversary) $500
4.) Home Ownership fund $6,000 ( funded from tax refund)
5.) New Car Fund $1,000
6.) Travel Fund $1,000
7.) Vet Fund $300
8.) Medical Fund $1,000

DIY Projects

1.) Portable Chicken coops and pens
2.) Veggie Garden
3.) Chicken Garden
4.) laundry
5.) cooking ( from scratch things i have not made before)

Purchase Goals/Wants List

1.) Push Lawn Mower
2.) freezer
3.) Tortilla Press
4.) Food processor
5.) Dining room table and chairs