Monday, December 24, 2012

Mothers Bragging Rights

Okay so this has little if anything to do with finances, and posting in my homeschool blog just was not enough! LOL I need to brag for a moment!

These are a few of my 11 year old daughters Anime Cat drawings that she has been obsessed with for awhile now. She did these on the PAINT program that comes already on computers when you get them.

I don't know if you ever used the Paint program but when I played around with it a long time ago, my work looked like a 1 year old did it and I can draw!

What is really cool is after she draws several of them, she goes into Skype editing and creates these totally awesome slide shows set to music and special effects and things to where it really is totally awesome considering she is only 11!.

So what does a mother do for Christmas? Foster this talent of course!

Tomorrow morning she will be opening up a digital camcorder ( it is a mini but hopefully works decent)

She will also be getting a drawing tablet for the computer where she plugs it in and then uses the pad with a pen to be able to sketch naturally yet have it instantly put on the computer.

She will ASLO be getting a computer software set "ANIME WORKSHOP!" that will allow her to make whole cartoons and whatever!

I really am so excited and can not WAIT to see what she will be able to do with some decent equipment, moving above and beyond what the limitations of the simpliest of generic programs has allowed her up until now!

She just loves drawing, anime, film making and editing and spends quite a bit of time pursuing it!

So what do you think? A talent to be encouraged and properly fed or what?