Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Text Books are BORING

Let's face it, while textbooks may certainly have their place at least in the form of a reference book, they are BORING! Learning in the modern world we live in today offers so many more exciting ways in which one can focus learning on. There are many alternatives to textbooks that could be used to truly excite and ignite ones desire to learn any particular subject, why would you choose a textbook? If you find a textbook useful for a particular subject like zoology for example, then why not supplement it with material that would be far more interesting and beneficial to retaining what is being learned?

When thinking of any subject, think of as many alternatives you can to offer the lessons in an exciting way.

Think of:

Games of all kinds, from board games to group games, car games , made up games and even electronic games that could be used!

Movies that have the historical or theme of your lesson within it.

Edible projects that may be made to drill the point home, edible habitats, maps, mobiles, whatever you can think of pertaining to the lesson to make it an edible project!
Unusual items for unusual places such as Shower Curtains with the Periodic Table on them or the Weather or the World Map ( yes they have them!)

Real Books about Real People, Places or your Subject Matter ( historical Fictions are great too for history!)

Audio Books or Cd's

Music- sometimes you can find music CD's with the theme of your subject matter so be sure to check!

Play- role play, any kind of play that would implement the lessons into an activity of play

Museums that relate to your studies of the month.

People- relating to your subject matter may be able to help or be invited over depending on who they are and how well you know them.

Raw Materials- this would depend on what is being studied but do not miss out on gather related raw materials! This may be aluminum cans, nature items, steel, wood, mud or clay, rocks and gems you name it!

Apprenticeships? Perhaps an apprenticeship would be possible for such things as metal work, woodworking, auto mechanic or a tutor for foreign language or certain skills.

What ever the case, HAVE FUN!
Can you think of some other ways to present learning in a fun way without the use of textbooks?