Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Night time Visualization

Getting enough sleep is important to getting and staying healthy, and sometimes I have a real hard time going to sleep while my mind races with all the things I "should" be doing or all the ideas I always seem to have.

Regardless of how tired or awake I am though, I believe in visualization and affirmations as a powerful tool for our mind in order to relax and in becoming healthy.

Every night while I lay in bed I start a countdown from 10 while I visualize myself at the top of a stair case. As I count down I step down one stair until I am at the bottom with the number 0. After I say each number and see the number in my head, and see myself step down one stair, I do this affirmation.

10 ( top of stairs)  " I am at my deepest possible level of healing ability.....heal thy self, heal thy self, heal thy self! ( visualize myself running, dancing or just enjoying sun but being healthy)  then follow with " Each and every day every part of me is feeling better in every way"

Then I go to

9 and repeat this process.

Most times I am in a deep restful sleep by the time I count down to 5, other nights I get to zero and if I still have trouble going to sleep, I repeat it starting back at 10. I have never had to go through it a third time, works great and is really good visualization exercise for me.

Visualizations can go a long ways in helping reduce pain, relax and get a good night sleep along with telling your body it is more than capable of healing itself, after all that is what it was designed to do!