Monday, January 28, 2013

A Long Week

As you can see, I have not spent much time on the computer this week, my back has just been killing me, hurting this whole week. Hubby has been a trooper and giving me lots of back rubs which bless him they are HEAVEN!

My 30 minutes of bliss is soaking in a very very hot bathtub almost every day, it is the only time during the day where my stomach or back does not hurt. Since I don't usually sleep or take naps in the day, this has been my refuge.

I almost can feel the battle raging within, feeling like my whole torso from butt to neck is at war inside.

I have to go do the pre-op lab work this week sometime which will consist of EKG and chest X-rays, the surgery date that at one time seemed so far way is actually coming up quick now. I actually look forward to this because I keep telling myself if I can only hold out a little longer now, my body will be getting the help it needs. It should not be long after surgery before I get sent to the oncologist and really can get the ball rolling with treatments. It may also mean I will get the pain medication to help for some of my bad days.

This week I seem to have

Had a couple okay days where the pain was manageable.

I skipped my period altogether this month after going 2 years of having them 2 to 3 weeks apart a sign of early menopause?

I lost my voice this week. No apparent reason, just up and lost my voice to this pathetic scratchy, cracking voice and could not raise it at all for people to hear me very well. FRUSTRATING Yesterday was the 4rth day and it seemed to be coming back, then went again later in the afternoon.

My weight is staying steady at 127 pounds

I had a nice visit with my sister, mother and mother in law Saturday where they came and brought food and did all the cooking. This was nice but threw my diet off of what I have been eating and after eating dinner braced for a really bad night where I kept waking up poor hubby and a very bad day for Sunday.

The pain right below my right rib is flaring up again and I also was getting very sharp pains on my left side now and my intestinal track seems to pretty much hurt most the time.

I spent Sunday in bed all the way to 3pm just watching Netflix movies with my daughter.  The kids took dogs out and did the dishes and my hubby took care of the chickens, burning and picking up our adult son from work. Our adult son cooked dinner as I was not even up to doing that, standing simply hurt all the way around yesterday.

I Think this week I am going to get a primary doctor here locally who then maybe can give me a referral to the local cancer clinic. I am hoping after surgery to be able to transfer treatments locally as it would be so much easier than driving 30 to 40 miles each time. But to do that I need the referral and it would be nice to have a primary doctor. 

I have been off the Green Tea  and the Ginger Root Tea about 4 days now and need to start making it again, I just was not up to doing it this week but need to make it a priority! The diet does seem to make a difference and watching what foods I eat so I really need to get it back on track! Some days it just seems like a lot of work! LOL.

Heres to a GREAT day today! Right? RIGHT!


  1. Perhaps you could put some table salt into your bath water...that pulls toxicity out and is very soothing when you have pain.

    Do you know about dry brushing the skin? There are some great videos online that show you how this is done. You could use a loofah, a dry sponge, a dry bath brush or scruffy dry washcloth.

    I wish I were there to work some magic on you. As it is, I will just send love and light and loving thoughts.

    Mother Connie

    1. Your magic Mother Connie is in your lovely blog that overflows with love from you and your readers!

      I have never heard of dry brushing skin, will look into it!