Monday, January 28, 2013

Heat Assistance Denied

Looks like heat assistance is being denied due to what is owed on the account is more than what it would require for a fill up. So I need to come up with at least $270 and re-apply again.At this time our propane sits at 20 or 19% not sure, will have to check later today.

Doing the paperwork is always fun and takes me about 3 hours on the computer which with my health issues right now sitting that long at a computer is ROUGH! LOL.

We still have not received our W-2 either but everyone is saying how delayed refunds are being this year with all the new stuff going on with them. So we are prepared for our refund to be slow in coming.

On a good note, the weather has warmed up from the zero temps and today is the the 40's, not a big break but a small one anyways! The warmer temps are to last a few days before going back to the 20's so it should at least help for those few days!

So like always, we seem to be cutting it close but trust it will work itself out and that we will have the tank filled soon.

But for TODAY we have heat, and are warm with a beautiful winter storm leaving a beautiful blanket of snow to wake up to this morning. From snow to 40 degrees..........not too shabby!

Today we celebrate and are grateful for the heat we have. No worries for tomorrow for tomorrow has not come yet..........


  1. You have a wonderful attitude I hope and pray something comes through

  2. Ack! I can't believe that! Well, I'll keep praying that something turns up for you. And at least it is warmer for a few days, that will spare some oil.