Sunday, January 20, 2013

Heat = Stress

January always brings levels of stress when it comes to heating in a winter climate, the tank is low, frigid weather has arrived, and one wonders how to pull $650 out of their butt to get another delivery. Even on a budget plan, one can easily fall behind in the payments. Your eye nervously watches the gauge on the tank, almost daily keeping fingers crossed that it has not moved much.

Right now personally we are looking at 28 percent in our tank, hubby's hours have dwindled again leaving us $130 short on paychecks. The weather turned bitterly cold last night coming in with winds in surplus of 50 miles an hour. Tomorrow and Tuesday are to be even colder, around 2 degrees without wind chill.  Being in a trailer, these temps are even worse and it seems in right through the walls and floors with not much in the way of insulation. The thermostat is set to 65 for the day and 60 at night, although I may turn it down to 55 tonight just to help pace how fast we use up the propane.

Somehow we always manage and I always tell myself not to put too much stress on it, but that always seems easier said than done. When the gauge hits 30% I always stress about the propane and how we will figure out a way to get it filled. Food seems so much easier to worry about and easier to come up with and manage what you have then heat. Without heat, who wants to face 0 or below temps with only an electric oven as a heat source?

This time around I actually filled out paperwork for the State of Emergency help with  heat, not sure if we will qualify or not but I figured it would not hurt to try. With my health issues right now, I have surrendered to trying to get all the help we can with the future outlook of perhaps me being able to get healthy enough to work again. So if we need help right now to do that, so be it.

Hubby also just told me his W-2 will be mailed out in just 3 days, so that is hopeful to that I may get that and be able to get taxes done and our refund back before the propane runs out completely if I can not get help through the State of Emergency. But in the end, I trust that it will all work out the way it is meant to.  Stressing over heat come January is not new to me, it is a stress I usually have all year round as it is the most expensive expense we have below rent.

So in the meantime, conserve, conserve and supplement with the oven to ensure it last long enough for the next fill up! I really wish we had a wood burner!

How about you, do you stress over heating or do you stress more over another expense?