Sunday, January 20, 2013

Medicaid Approved!

I received the call Friday, that my medicaid for the Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Control Program has been approved so now am on the full Medicaid for the duration of my treatments! The nice thing about this program is how amazingly fast it is compared to traditional revenues of applying for state funded programs. Since I had just mailed in my paperwork Tuesday, I never in a million years would have dreamed of it moving so fast and being approved in just 3 days.

Prior to getting the approval, I did set up my first surgery for the Mastectomy for February 11th not knowing how long it would take for the Medicaid to go through. Monday I will be calling to see if I can get it moved up earlier, but we shall see.

It is a good feeling being able to set treatment into motion though and while I have mixed feelings on starting with the Mastectomy, it is a start and will be my first step in fighting this. While I would love to do it completely holistic and alternative therapies, I think at the stage that my cancer is, my best option for survival at this point is the combination of modern treatments with holistic approaches.

Let the games begin, I GOT THIS!