Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick Update

Well I think I may have to really limit my Monthly To Do lists! Looking at what I posted for January I have only completed 2 of them, the Biopsy and going on a Cancer Fighting diet! Other than that, my body has not been very cooperative in being able to get anything done, other than lie around this past week.

However the biopsy went okay although the Doctor pretty much diagnosed me with the Stage IV breast cancer and just said at this point the biopsy is just the "proof" for Medicaid. It should go to the Official diagnosis by tomorrow or Wednesday.They want me to have the Mastectomy ASAP but we have to wait for the paperwork to clear for Medicaid so it is a waiting game at the moment.  I will not post too much on this blog about everything but plan on using my Whole-istic Living blog for my journey and fight against cancer if you want to follow along. The link is at the top on the right side of this blog where it lists my other blogs.

I am  off of coffee and have drastically cut down my smoking so I still may hit my target for this month on this area!

We tried Tofu last night and LIKED it. Hommus too, yummy stuff! Now that I got off the fear of trying Tofu, it will definitely be on the menu on a regular basis!

I may have to trade off some of my goals for more convenient modern ways of doing things but we shall see. You can only be frugal and old fashioned as far as your health allows, and convenience can be a blessing on days you are not feeling 100 percent!

We are starting the year with $470 a month in SNAP benefits, which at the moment is being a huge blessing and taking a lot of stress off of me, also allowing us to choose an extremely healthy way of eating.

I am hoping to get back to regular frugal posts here sometime this week guys! I will admit it has been hard for me to think much about frugal living posts, when savings is taking on a new meaning for me at the moment!

Well just thought I would give everyone a heads up and like I said, will try to get back to my regular posting about frugal living and saving money!