Saturday, February 2, 2013

Address for Those Requesting it

I have received an overwhelming request of an address for those wishing to send care packages, letters, cards and other things.

While I feel a little awkward in accepting such loving support and generosity, I graciously appreciate and accept all those who are doing so. My husband encouraged me to post an address for those who may want it due to the volume of requests for it. It seems a little easier than trying to answer each email individual.

So for those who would like our address it is:

Wayne and Carrie Hetu
3429 W. Tyler Rd
Alma,MI 48801

I thank everyone that has been so kind to our family at this time but get ready for me to be back on track and healthy in no time! :) LOL I think it is a good goal to work towards!

ps. This is posted at both the blogs so those who do not follow both can have it. You all have been so wonderful and lift my spirits everyday!


  1. Stay encouraged, Carrie. Continue thinking positively. And remember that so many people are praying for you.

    1. Thankyou Lili , there is not much in this universe that can deter me LOL. In George Lopez fashion "I GOT THIS!"

      Thanks for the uplifiting comment, it helps to know so many people are sending positive and healing energy my way :)