Friday, February 8, 2013

Chemo Consultation

Our Chemo Consultation was Tuesday on February 5th and went fairly well. The staff at the Sparrow-Clinton hospital where we are having treatments done are truly amazing, and makes you feel very comfortable there.

My liver is of concern right now where apparently I have numerous tumors of decent size on both lobes, which of course is the cause of much of the pain I am experiencing right now. So the plan is to hit it hard, hit it fast with the hope that the Chemo will shrink them down. Right now my liver seems to still be functioning okay so we are hopeful that this works and the pain will go away fairly soon.

Monday I go in early in the morning to get a port put in, which will allow easy blood withdrawals and chemo treatments that just remains in while I am in treatment.

Tuesday I go in again fairly early for the first chemo treatment and will most likely be in for about 4 hours they said as they like to keep you a little longer for the first treatment.

We are doing a 3 week on of treatments and then I get 1 week off before doing another 3 week on which after that they will do another cat scan and see whats up and if it worked or what have you.

Every Sunday I have to go in to get lab  work done before chemo sessions on Tuesdays. With the hospital being 25-30 miles away this will be some traveling for us but well worth it in the end.

We have been asked if we wanted it transferred here locally where it would only be 5 miles away for us but we have grown very fond of the staff at Sparrows. I would rather drive a little further and be treated well and where I feel comfortable than go local and get the brush offs that I am so accustomed to getting. Where we are going, they care a great deal and actually "listen" to you , I must say it has definitely been the best hospital experience that I have EVER had and can not rave enough about the staff there.

On the home front, I have dropped from 127 lbs to 124 and a half. My back is killing me all the time, and it seems the pain meds are only working about half the time so I have no desire to get off the couch during the day. I am staying in good spirits though and keeping positive and talking with loved ones, laughing plenty and life is a blessing.

Like I said though, I am hopeful that the chemo means the tumors start shrinking soon and this pain will now be short lived as normally I am a very active person who does not sit down all day! I feel so LAZY being on the couch all day and I know this is not true but for a very active person this is how it feels, which tends to bring a little guilt with it as well. I do not like feeling LAZY and helpless it is driving me nuts. I feel like a dainty little girl who needs a man to do everything for her and this is coming from a gal who is country all the way and being much stronger than she looks lifting heavy things all the time like steal beams! I have worked construction for goodness sake! And now need help cutting open an acorn squash!

So right now I look forward to a day where I can be active again and regain my strength!

Oh and that I tolerate chemo this Tuesday fairly well!