Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flyaway Frugality

If I am to be honest, these last 2 months have been anything but frugal, it seems costs have gone up in every catagory, which I suppose is to be somewhat expected when a serious illness strikes. Especially when the illness falls on the frugal financial manager of the household, the foundation crumbles when only one does the finances and the cooking.

Hubby now does the food shopping, although I am trying to get him to take an initiative and not just get what I ask him too but to get the types of foods him and the kids can make. It does not work me telling him what to get based on my cooking skills when I am not cooking! It is a huge adjustment that we are working on. If he gets what I ask him to but he does not have the cooking skill, then he just sits around saying tell me what to make and how to make it I will do it. The problem there is many times I am too exhausted to guide him through that type of process. My response will usually be, I have no idea what is in the cupboards, you will have to look.......well then the conversation ends there and creates a huge dinner time problem.

At the same time, he does need to get what I ask him to which is usually a variety of different foods and small snacks that I need around to be able to eat something. With my taste buds and sense of smells changing every few days it seems, I never know what I will be able to eat or what will make me ill just thinking of it. This certainly has increased our food bill altogether!

Gas for the vehicle has tripled almost with all the trips to hospitals and extra trips for needed things that I just can't keep on top of because I am not walking around checking what we need. Since hubby does not do this either it creates a lot of unneccessary trips for things we have been running out of.

I am freezing all the time as I lose more weight so I keep the temp in the house higher than I always have as well.

Since my first chemo last week, I am feeling quite a bit better however so I am hoping to take this week to develop a plan of getting back on track and crash course teaching hubby! LOL

This is one reason I have tried for years to get him involved with the finances , in a married household this really should be a 2 person endeavor. With only one in charge of it, when they fall ill, the whole household can crumble and it can have some serious consequences. Unfortuantly it was never something hubby wanted a part of as he liked me taking all that stress off of him. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, he is a wonderful man and has been such a huge help in many ways lately.

I never would have made it through the last 2 months without him, but from a financial perspective I have always known it is best when both spouses are involved because how hard a family can fall if it only falls on 1.

So I suppose my goal is for the rest of this month is to create a plan and have the goal for March of hubby and both kids learning and taking an active role in the finances and developing their cooking skills while learning the art of frugality!

As a whole, this simply is just a huge adjustment period for us, one I have full confidence that we will get worked out and back on track with frugal goals!