Friday, February 22, 2013

Chemo Cancelled This Week

Tuesday's Chemo was cancelled this week due to my lab results from Sunday. It seems that the Tylenol with codeine they had given me after port surgery affected my liver. I still find it odd they gave me 2 Tylenol based pain killers (Norco was the other prior to Tylenol with codeine) when they know my liver is of concern right now.

But in any case, they had me quit taking it and I will get labs done again this coming Sunday with the hopes that it comes back where we can start chemo back up again this coming Tuesday. I was a little disappointed with the cancellation because I am starting to feel so much better and more like myself again. But I have good hope for it starting back up Tuesday! The good that came out of that is that we did not have to drive in an ice storm last Tuesday that we were getting hit with!

Wednesday we did have to go and get my bone scan done where they inject some saline solution into your veins. Then we had to kill time for about 3 hours before going back for the actual bone scan. We took this time to go back for the one week follow up for port surgery and have the stitches removed. Then wandered around town at coffee shops, thrift stores and Walmarts, so it actually was a fun afternoon with hubby!

All in all it has been a really good week, where I have not been in pain or on the couch all week, I was even able to go out and feed the chickens yesterday so hubby would not have to. I have come to learn to celebrate the small successes of late and feeding chickens just happens to be one of them! I was even up to taking hubby out on a date night where we had a lot of fun, even though I felt like I had run a marathon afterwards with our date night lasting 3 1/2 hours.

I have dropped a couple more pounds and not been doing that well with eating healthy as my taste buds have been kind of weird lately. I have been craving stupid stuff like Doritos Tacos, Bic Macs and any restaurant food really which is highly unlike me!. I think my body is trying to tell me to gain some weight! LOL

Hoping Spring comes soon though so I can get the garden planted, go for walks and soak up some warm sunshine! Getting another winter storm today, seems February has made up winter all in one month where it has been cold, snowy and icy.

Here's to chemo this coming Tuesday!