Saturday, March 2, 2013

Got Our Washer and Dryer!

While I was not up to going to shop for our washer and dryer at our local Sears, this task fell on hubby. He actually did really good and did not let the sales people talk him into the more fancy expensive models that they were pushing hard on him.  He took into consideration our family size and what all we have to wash in a week and got a mid priced ranged basic washer and dryer with a 3 year warranty.

It took a week to deliver them and poor hubby worried the whole week if I would like them or not and I was just like " Dude I will love them, they are better than the nothing we have now. They are better than hauling clothes to the Laundry Matt when I am not up to it and they are better than letting dirty clothes pile up! So yeah, no matter what you got, I will love them!"

Wednesday they delivered them and yeah, they are lovely, they have come a long ways in washer and dryers! They are quiet, digitally censored and the lid on the washer locks when the washer starts up. For now this is a convenience that will make a world of difference in our lives and the kids will be learning how to do their own laundry as well.

The end result was $1400 which included the 3 year warranty and while not perhaps a frugal purchase, one we saw as well worth it in the end. Not something I would have considered a few years ago, but when health starts to flounder, a good choice to opt for the easier way of doing things.The best part is on my good days, I can do laundry and on my not so good days, it will now be easy for someone else in the household to still get it done.

Happy Happy Dance!