Saturday, March 2, 2013

Second Round of Chemo

I am starting to really question this PORT as they had to stick me twice again Tuesday! Apparently when they stick you they are suppose to see s small amount of blood flow come back in the tube. This did not happen so they took it out and stuck me again yet again no blood flow. Between the two, they tried to flush it to make sure it had not clotted but that seemed okay. After the second try they decided to not use the port and go in through an arm vein instead.

After chemo, I had to go get a Port scan done where they injected dye into it to see if it was working properly or not. This all checked out fine so hubby just came to the conclusion that I must be a zombie!

I always feel fantastic the day of chemo and actually have a little energy to get things done. This continued into Wednesday where we had our new washer and dryer delivered. I was actually able to clean off the snack counter, get 3 loads of laundry done, fed the chickens and even made dinner.

Thursday and Friday I crashed and felt like crap for the most part, although Thursday was the worse! I felt like I had a good case of the flu, my hair started falling out all over everything and I went to bed by 7pm and slept all the way to 7am! I also felt like I had walked across  a desert where my mouth was so dry and I was so thirsty all day! Friday was a little better but I still did not feel good.

Hubby shaved my head Friday, but I found my scalp to be really sensitive and it actually hurt to have him shaving my head. But it could not be helped as my hair was falling out so bad it was getting all over everything and constantly getting in my mouth even! YUCK!

All in all though I think it went pretty good and it looks like I will just have to adjust to the couple days of not feeling good and staying in bed for the most part for those 2 days afterwards that I do not feel well.

Today is Saturday and I woke up feeling half way decent so I am looking forward to a good day!

On a side note, for now they are only going to be doing chemo every other week until they think my liver can handle a weekly basis. I guess my labs were much better but still not to where they want to see them concerning my liver so they are playing it safe for now.

They also got it arranged so I can get labs done here locally to ease up on all the driving we have been having to do, so that part will be really nice!

Have a good weekend everyone!