Friday, March 29, 2013

Been Way too Long

Sorry for the MIA, there really has not been much to report here on the homeschool front. I posted quite awhile ago we were waiting news of my health.

Well since that post for those who are not aware due to not going over to my whole-istic living blog, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer January 10. As soon as I was diagnosed, my body crashed and I literally became bed bound or at least couch bound. Tumors on my liver and left lung left me a mess and nailed me over night from Okay to not capable of even cooking a simple meal.

There were many changes, kids who were never before "required" to do chores had to step up and at least do vacuuming and dishes, along with other little things here and there that were requested of them.

I had bought a few tools for the kids to do more independent schooling such as complete curriculum workbooks, more computer time and watching documentaries, drawing tablets for the computer and our latest tool a new kindle fire!

They also had to become more dependant and fend for themselves for lunch and dinner.

Not to mention learning about cancer and the honesty that in the beginning was not looking good and that I could die. Initially I was given a choice of chemo or hospice, if I chose hospice I was looking at living less than  a year.

 I am considered treatable but not curable,

On a good note, since then I just received my 4rth chemo treatment and I am back to feeling much more like myself, and being able to do things again, which I can not tell you how excited I am.

The tumors have been shrinking and the more they shrink the better I feel and have hope, that I will be around for years and years. I see no reason I can not be one of the 1% who go on to survive long term.

With me feeling better and spring arriving, I am working towards involvement, fun and hands on activities to get back in the swing of a wonderful natural learning filled with active, fun filled days of learning wonder again!

That's also will mean back to a regular update here!

Have a great weekend everyone and although I have not been posting I still have been being inspired by reading all your learning going on!

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