Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Weekend To Do List

Nothing exciting but to get me back on track and in a more productive mode, here is my weekend to do list I came up with!

1.) Take Bath ( done) yeah I have to write it down or other things will take up that space!

2.) Run a few errands with kids done

3.) Budget (working on)

4.) Clean Bathroom done

5.) Clean Master Bedroom

6.) Let chickens out to free range done

7.) Go for Walk done)

8.) Take food inventory cupboards, fridge, freezer done

9.) Garden Plan and go through seeds working on

10.) Review and Set Yearly Goals

11.) Clean out and organize Kitchen Cupboards

12.) Write out Aprils Action List

13.) Mop Kitchen floor

14.) Get plastic off chicken pens and windows of house

15.) Check what materials we have to make a new chicken pen, see what we may need to get as well.

16.) Make Granola

17.) Make a few master mixes to build up pantry

18.) Create Menu to last to April 5th done

19.) Laundry done

Anything on your list this weekend?


  1. My list seems to be never ending. I want the snow to be gone but then it means that I will have a ton of stuff to do in the yard on top of everything in the house. Ugh, it never ends.

    1. Hi Sonya, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Yeah lists NEVER end do they? LOL but crossing off things at least show projgress!