Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Menu for 3/30 - April 6th

This menu is based off of the last week before a typical grocery shopping day prior to the 5th of the month. It was made from what we already have on hand at end of month.

Saturday March 30

Breakfast- Hot cereal with hot chocolate

Lunch- Ham Sandwiches with fruit

Dinner- Frozen Pizza

Snack- Root Beer Floats

Sunday March 31

Breakfast- Hot Cereal or Left Over Biscuits with Orange Juice

Lunch- Blueberry Muffins

Dinner- Hot Chicken and Gravy Sandwiches (from left over chicken and dumplings) Jello with fruit in it, Sweet potato's, Mashed Potato's and Broccoli

Snack- Root beer floats

Monday April 1

Breakfast- Homemade Granola Cereal

Lunch- P & B Sandwiches with fruit cups

Dinner- Slow Cooker Chili  with corn bread

Snack- Kiwi fruit

Tuesday April 2

Breakfast- Hot Cereal

Lunch- Blueberry muffins

Dinner- Ham lunch meat, potato salad, mashed potato's(for those who don't like potato salad) spring mix veggies, homemade bread

Snack- pumpkin spiced chickpeas

Wednesday April 3

Breakfast- Smoothies with Granola

Lunch- Sweet Potato Quick Bread

Dinner- Homemade Burritos

Snack- Fruit

Thursday April 4

Breakfast- Granola Cereal

Lunch- P & B on toast w/ Apple Sauce

Dinner- Salmon  Loaf, Acorn Squash, Corn, Green Veggies, Biscuits

Snack- pumpkin spiced chickpeas

Friday April 5th

Breakfast- Hot Cereal with Orange Juice

Lunch- Soup and Crackers

Dinner- Whole Wheat Waffles with Strawberries

Snack- Apple sauce with granola

Saturday April 6th

Breakfast- Left over waffles

Lunch- Tuna

Dinner- 3 bean salad, corn bread, rice, veggies and pumpkin pies

Snack- fruit


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