Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting Back on Track.......Sorta

With each treatment, I seem to be feeling more and more like my old self, which believe me is a good thing! I find my mental clarity returning, and my frugal mentality with it which is a comforting thought.

While we are still spending more in certain categories, such as gas for the trips back and forth to the hospital or certain meals like frozen lasagnas, we have curtailed more of the un-necessary spending areas which is a good feeling. I am back to being able to cook simple easy dinners with the exception of about 2 or 3 days out of 2 week periods. These are the days I have the prepared meals for such as the frozen lasagnas, or something so easy a monkey could fix. I am not yet up to getting back to making a whole lot from scratch such as tortilla shells, but being able to cook again is certainly helping. I will also be using this time  while I am feeling better, to build upon my families cooking and money management skills.

I am using March to Rejuvenate my batteries and getting back on track, while increasing my families financial know how and literacy. I do not plan on taking over the full reins again, because as it stands now, I know if I fall, the whole family falls. Something I have always known but could not get them on board with learning......... until now.

Looking at the new pages I have put up here, I am excited about being able to start working towards them although I will review them again prior to starting. I see that some of the things I have listed on those pages will no longer apply as certain items will be needed to be replaced with a more convenient method easier on my health, at least for this year!

It feels good to be getting on track again, and writing again although I still am not writing as often. The important thing is I am feeling better and being able to WANT to get up and be doing things again!

Thank you everyone for being so patient with my lack of posting while my health took priority! But baby I am back and feeling pretty good right now so as long as I am feeling good, I plan to write and get back on track!