Monday, March 18, 2013

Under Quartine

Last Tuesday I had my third round of chemo which I thought for the most part went incredibly well! They still had to give my chemo through my arm vein but then got my port working properly which they only stuck me once and it did not hurt at all. They had hopes I would finally be able to my chemo this week which would have been the first time I could get it two weeks in a row rather than every other week.

But  then I got my labs done Sunday and they called me first thing this morning.

Not only was my liver counts really high cancelling tomorrows chemo session, but my white blood cell count was really low so starting this morning I have to go in 5 times this week for shots to help boost my white blood cells. I have to get labs done Wednesday as well as Sunday so this pretty much means 6 trips to the hospital.

Due to this leaving me wide open to getting sick, they sent me home with masks and the request to get hand sanitizer for the household and put in quarantine not to leave the house. This happens to coincide with hubby's first vacation in 3 years! No going out, certainly no movies, casinos or crowded grocery stores, restaurants or anything normal people may do on vacation LOL. Home bound with a mask on my face for the week and the household to use the hand sanitizers throughout the day.

As my daughter and Co-author here puts it, it is like I have the plague ha ha!

I knew there was a reason I stopped craving Big Macs and Doritos Tacos and picked up a craving this week for oranges and pink grapefruit!

On a good note, the nurse told me I was their BEST PATIENT! We have the farthest to drive but I am so compliant with getting things done when they want them done, and doing great she said, that actually made me feel good and wonder how much statics do not even factor in that some may not get the requested things done in timely manners when requested.

I am still dropping some weight, and absolutely freezing all the time but then again the temps have dropped again and we are getting more snow still so I am ready for Spring and warm sunshine!

Here's to a busy week!