Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Books: What I am Reading

These are  the books I had ordered for March as I wanted  some new reading material and to get back in the mindset of the frugal lifestyle.

The Complete Tightwad Gazette I have  owned before, and have read through several times so this was just replacing my old one. A wonderful book I have used over the years as my frugal bible chocked full of ideas from readers and the author on finding uses and ways to cut back on almost anything!

I am extremely DELIGHTED with the Homemade Pantry, Make a Mix and Quick Fix Healthy Mix books!

Want to make your own  peanut butter cups, marshmallows, fig bars or Twinkies?  How about cheese crackers, wheat crackers or graham crackers? Maybe you would like to make your own Hummus, Mayonnaise, or dressings? How about toaster pastries? 

Then the Homemade Pantry 101 Foods you can stop buying and start making,   is the book for you!

Make a Mix has over 300 recipes and gives you master mixes followed by a variety of recipes you can use the master mixes in. The master mixes can be stored in Mason Jars which can be used to help store up a pantry, or decorated with pretty cloth on top as gifts.  For me I plan on adding a label saying what needs to be added to the mix when cooking to make easy meals my family can make on days I am not up to cooking!

Quick Fix Health Mix is also bent towards stocking a pantry and can be stored in Mason Jars or other containers if you like. This offers 225 healthy and affordable mix recipes to stock your Kitchen Pantry.

The Americas Cheapest Family-  The Gets you Right on the Money one to be honest I could have done without, no new information in it that I already did not know. Would be a nice gift to someone starting out and just does not have a basic grasp of finances and spending and how to  budget it all.

However I was surprised that the Cut your Grocery Bill in half did offer a few things that would organize a few things in a much more efficient manner so was well worth  my time to read through.

Here's to March getting back on track!

What are you reading right now? What are your favorite books on finances or frugality?