Thursday, March 28, 2013

Round #4 of Chemo Done

Well the port still is not working properly so they gave it to me through the arm again LOL figures I have a port as stubborn as myself!  We spent 8 hours there as we had to stay for 4 hours after chemo while they tried to dissolve possible clots and get my port working. No, not really, at one point a little pink came out but  no real blood back flow that they like to see. so I just don't know!

But it was a pleasant day with lots of joking made about using nail guns, plungers and anything else we could think of to get blood from the port and had good fun with tons of humor.

They also gave me a new medicine to try to where I will have more energy and not crash come Thursday and Friday. The energy part may have worked a little too well because I was up late with my head spinning of all my To Do lists of things to get done that have fallen behind. Also with spring here all the things coming up that need to get done, gardens, spring chicks, new chicken coops and pens........ you know warm weather projects!  I went to sleep around 1am I think and was up by 6am!

My doctor seemed real pleased with the outward appearance from feeling around at how much all my tumors seem to be shrinking. We will do the next two chemo rounds both 2 weeks apart and then we will have the scan to see how everything really is doing. So about a month I should know some results backed by the evidence of what the scan reveals. Then we will go from there on how to proceed, not sure about any more  chemo or anything else but we are talking hormone therapy as a next step to reduce my estrogen levels.

I had to go in yesterday, the day after chemo to get one shot to boost my white blood cells but this one was a stronger dose to where I do not need to come in every day for them PLUS!

A nurse also high jacked a couple of gas cards for us from a program the hospital recently got rid of which was a really sweet thing for her to do. They are always concerned about how this may be causing a financial hardship on us and it is nice to know they are doing what they can to  ease it up some.

But for now I FEEL GREAT, the temps have warmed up, we are seeing warm sunshine which has been way too long, the chickens are out free ranging again and enjoying it. I am feeling productive, happy and amazing.

So much so I am actually contemplating a training program to possibly enter the Michigan Tough Mudder race June 29 and 30th at the international speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan. For anyone who does not know what a Tough Mudder race is, it is a 10 to 12 mile obstacle course marathon race where it has 20 to 25 obstacles dealing with fire, ice, electric shock, mud, water and more, they do not reveal the exact obstacles or arrangement until the day of the event. So you pretty much have to train for any possible scenario! How cool is that?

Well off to check my slow cooker quiche and organize my plans, goals and to do lists for April!

Have a great evening!