Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frugality Can Make Others Very Uncomfortable

Online you tend to build a community of like minds.......people searching out on purpose what you write about because they want ideas, inspiration or find an interest in it. They know they can take ideas they themselves may want to try, and ignore the rest even if an idea intrigues them......they simply know that is just  not for them.

Yet in real life, if you are considered a hard core frugalist........it can really make those you know really uncomfortable. You shock them that you actually make these incomprehensible financial decisions. This could be anywheres from no air conditioning, living in tiny homes, biking 25 miles in a day for edible foraging to no furniture choices.

You have not been to a movie theatre in 9 years? Why on earth not, I am sure you can afford the expense monthly!

It can really make the people you know in real life squirm, and think you have no standard of living or any quality of life.

There are levels of frugality for everyone, my level happens to make many uncomfortable and I am very aware many would never make the choices we do, even if they are in a tight situation.

This is where a thick skin helps, because what matters is that WE ARE COMFORTABLE, not complacent but comfortable and happy with our decisions, yes.

Our priorities are in building quality lasting relationships, laughter, joy, passion, Eco-friendlier, ( always needs improvement there!) generosity towards others  lives. 

Things do not equal status to  us, Our income or line of work does not define us as individuals and fashion simply does not matter in the  least to us. Our standard of living is no different than others.... it simply is just not super sized or inflated and done on small scale. Our quality of life is outstanding and quite incredible.

In real life I do not know 1 person that "gets us and our lifestyle choices" even though my mom comes the closest. My mom is very frugal but over the years I have increased many of our levels of frugality way past even what she would be comfortable with.

Yet I still do not consider myself an extremist in any way or fashion and many times to not give my choices a second thought. They are what they are in the moment of decision and is "normal" for us, second nature without thinking about it.

We splurge, we save, we work towards dreams and goals.......... just like anyone else.

We adapt, always and always come out okay, happy and blessed.

Why does it make others in real life so uncomfortable? I really am not sure........ any insight?