Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 Exhausting Fun Filled Days

My friend informed me she was coming down with my adult daughter, a 9 hour one way drive for them so they would spend 2 overnights and one full day of visiting!

The same day they were to arrive, I was asked if I wanted my adult sons kids, my grand kids to  come for 4 nights and days! Well yes I did! So I called  my sister to see if she could drive my mom  up, to see her great grand kids for a little bit! YES they could! We got a hold of my son who is in the area and let him know so  he could see his kids as well, it is not always easy getting a hold of him!

So I frantically cleaned  for several hours before everyone got here as I am really behind after being too ill to clean much for a couple months. Deep cleaning and clutter control anyways.

For 2 out of 4 nights we had a total of 9 people sleeping in our 2 bedroom 14 x 70 trailer! YIKES packed but so so so so so so fun!

This time was well spent where my 2 who are now close to 15 and 12, spent their time entertaining and caring for their 7 and 6 year old niece and nephew!

They fixed breakfast and lunches for them, played with them, baked cookies with them, flew kites, re-invented board games to make them age level appropriate and fun.

Outdoor playing, of cooking, herding chickens on "Grandpa and Grandma's Farm LOL) ( 7  chickens and a country lot makes us a farm ha ha)

Cuddling, sleeping with to make them feel safe in the dark, wildlife viewing ( cute skunk huh?)

Answering non stop questions..............

Setting up buffet style meals for picky eaters who are not so picky when given choices of what they want on their plates from a buffet..........

Picking up after the flurry of active small kids.............

Playing grocery store with a set my sis brought for them............with cash register, food items etc.

Patiently playing video games with them..........

The list goes on, it was a very fun filled but exhausting 4 days!

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