Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Meet My Beautiful Team!

The first photo is a little blurry, sorry for  that but she is my amazing and beautiful Oncologist who is just fabulous!

The second photo is of my team of 3 and Me, all beautiful and amazing woman!

My team does not change, these are  the faces I see every time I go in and must admit I have grown quite fond and attached to them.

They listen, I mean truly listen to anything I may ask, or anything I have experienced between each chemo visit. Then offer suggestions, or take  the time to answer my questions no matter how stupid they may seem or bizarre from the latest article I may have read and wonder about.

They are always full of smiles, great senses of humor, and just overflowing with fun positive energies, with hearts bigger than the universe themselves.

They also are always conscious of our financial circumstances and always trying to find ways of  easing the cost of the trips for us.

Their beauty also helps keep me in focus of what I SHOULD LOOK LIKE AS A HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN and helps my mind visualize what I am striving for!

They are just GRADE A+ AWESOME and I wanted to introduce you too these wonderful ladies who works so hard and compassionately helping many through their fight with cancer!