Monday, April 29, 2013

Radical Vanilla Muffins

Yesterday, my daughter asked if she could make some muffins, and wanted to know if you could make just plain vanilla muffins. I said SURE!

We did not have muffin cups, so decided to make the batter and put in a 13 x 9 greased pan.

She said she did not want me sitting on the couch answering questions ( she did this several times when I was couch bound) but rather wanted to know if I was up to being in the kitchen with her, to actually be involved helping with her creation. I said SURE!

Since I have a basic muffin mix I use from my head, I helped her with that but she decided on what type she wanted to make ( pure vanilla), decided she wanted to color it with dyes and layer it, decided she wanted to use an icing and things like that. She originally was going to use cinnamon too, but decided against that.

I told her muffins usually do not have icing so originally decided against that. However with only 2 Tablespoons of vanilla in the mix, they came out a tad on the plain side, so for what was left, she made the icing.

Making the icing was a great learning experience for her because she has never made it before. I forgot to tell her to cream in the butter to the confectioner sugar and then add VERY LITTLE Milk!

So yeah, she added too much milk and had to keep adding confectioner sugar until it was an icing consistency. Since she did not cream the butter in, there are bits of butter showing in the icing.

However it made for a very enjoyable afternoon for the two of us! I loved seeing her confidence and creative spark.

After muffin making, she wanted me to watch a Documentary on Netflix called "Bully"

It was heartbreaking to watch, but then my daughter always seems to pick some very heavy topics to become aware of some very serious issues. It is on the other hand a wonderful thing to see how compassionate she is on these subjects.

It really was a great day, enjoying every minute of it!

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