Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sinful Spending Spree

Well what can I say?

With my mind racing in many ways of everything I need to do and everything I want to do combined with some extra money from tax refunds, I joined the rest of consumers and am certainly guilty of spending! No excuses, it is what is is.

This is a downfall with windfalls of money when you live on such a small income. When money becomes available, you tend to want to purchase things, you have put off forever and a day!

So yeah, yesterday was fun, fun, fun but stressful on how much was spent at the same time! I have no excuse, it just happened and apparently I had no will power to stop it.

It started off by taking kids out to breakfast- we have NEVER taken kids out to breakfast.

Then we took them as a surprise to see CROODS at the movie theatre for discounted tickets and concession price day.. ummmm my 11 year old daughter has only been to a theatre twice, I myself have not been in 9 years.

Those two were not so bad, a morning of fun for around $55 dollars.

Then we went to the farm supply store---------baby chicks, bunnies-----oh how it puts you in the mood to spend! No we did not buy anything live. Instead we bought a 4 foot high, 50 feet roll of chicken wire for our upcoming chicken pen and coop project. We also bought a bag of Diatomaceous Earth for chickens, and well then we bought an incubator with turning trays. This was a bit pricey but on sale.

The incubator is a 3 win for us though- homeschooling projects, hatching batches of chicks to sell AND hatching batches of chickens for butcher.

THEN we went to WALMART and bought a Norton Virus for our computers- I did really need this.

BUT THEN - my daughter reminded us I promised to buy points for XBOX Live so we bought that. Then looking for clothes poles that they do not carry we saw expandable screens so we bought 4 of those. This is due to many windows not having screens and every year we buy something to help cut down on how HOT it gets in here without an air conditioner or shade. The first year we had one fan, last year we had 3 fans, this year the screens to open more windows!

Well it did NOT stop there- I have waited years to replace my love for bird watching but my yard has no where to hang ANY THING so we bought a pole to fit 3 bird feeders on. Then had to buy the 3 feeders and then some bird seed too! This is for my lifting my spirit to  kick cancers ASS project! Oh is that an excuse? not really LOL.

I also got a Canning Kettle, replace my long lost waffle maker and got a Food Processor!

So leaving Walmart they gave us a coupon to be able to shop at SAMS CLUB without having to pay the membership fee. This is good until the END of April. Our Food stamps will be replenished in 2 days. Hubby was like we can not go to SAMS club until we get a freezer!

Well my initial desire was to get a used freezer off of Craigslist, buy hubby had a valid argument so we dropped off everything including kids...........

And went to Sears and got a 5.1 cubic foot freezer! It is not really large, it is a fairly small one and we debated on a larger one, but in the past, we never could fill a larger one and my youngest only has 5 years before 18. Once the kids all leave home, it is perfect size anyways not too mention I do live in a small trailer! Combined with the freezer on the fridge , should offer plenty of new food storage option.

This week we will also be purchasing a food dehydrator and clothespole too!

Now as I mentioned, this is not out of our monthly budget or income at all but still it made out for a VERY EXPENSIVE DAY..........but I must admitt, was VERY FUN!