Sunday, April 7, 2013

Updated Budget

I am using hubby's really low end for paychecks for this budget as his checks flucuate and updated the budget page as follows.

Hubbys Checks $440 x 2 = $880 plus EBT/Food stamps of $429 = a base of $1309 a month

$475      Rent
$  85      Phone/internet
$ 98      Car Insurance
$ 80      Gas for Auto
$ 49      Electric
$ 50      Propane Heat
$  8       Netflix
$ 10      Xbox Live
$ 25      Savings

$429    EBT/ FOOD

Now this is a basic, bare essentials budget where I have catagorized 26 envelopes for additional income that may come in that we want or need. These funds will be where all extra money is ear marked for.  While I will not list all 26 envelopes and their catagories, they are things like the extra money we need for propane heat or extra gas for the truck for the hospital visits. Home ownership, dining out , clothing, new car fund, car repairs and well you get the idea! All those things this basic budget just does not have any room for.

Without extra money? Well then there would not be any wiggle room and this would be it, but there is always extra money that filters through the cracks!  This also is  one of the reasons I set the budget at hubbys very low end of his paychecks, this will allow for extra money from almost every paycheck as they are typically higher than the budgeted amount!

For now the Food stamps are also remaining in place and kind of waiting to  see what my results are in a couple of weeks. I am in the midst of planning however on ways to raise 80% or more of our own food supply and not only get back off of the food stamps but from supermarket dependancy altogether!

What percentage of  food are you able to raise do you think?