Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Chicks Coming Soon!

We have 7 chickens at the moment for our small backyard flock which we will be expanding with this incubator we recently purchased. I love the viewing windows so the kids can observe and see when they hatch. We have been collecting eggs all week and finally placed 14 eggs in the incubator last night! It has an automatic egg turner in it so we do not have to worry about turning eggs twice a day!

In about 21 days, hopefully that means we will have some cute fluffy little chicks peeping, I love how science can take a natural ebb and flow from your lifestyle and way you naturally live your life. For us, country living allows for endless nature and science opportunities.

This incubator was well worth the money we spent on it and we are hoping to use it on a regular basis, from chickens to quail. In about 7 days, we will be candling them to see how many of  the 14 eggs may be fertile and getting rid of the ones that are not fertile.

Baby chicks are always so much fun, we can not wait!

At least something feels like spring around here, because the weather sure is not spring at all! Brrrrr