Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Scan Results are In

Tuesday when we went in for chemo, we got our first scan results in, pretty much what we expected just by the feel of my own physical body and how I am feeling more like myself in general without any pain.  A few in my lung and lymph's have disappeared altogether while the rest are just continuing to shrink down nicely. The best news was that now you can actually see parts of my liver where in the beginning you couldn't, it was all tumors! Fan bloody tastic!

We talked with my doctor about being treated for the rest of my life, which her reply was "Yes you are certainly looking at some form of treatment or another for the rest of your life, which we hope is a long one!"

We also talked about my trying to mow the yard the day before and just not quite up to physical health just yet for such a feat, although I planned this activity for the purpose of gaining strength and endurance again! One thing I did forget though, was my doctor discussed people on chemo can be real sensitive to the sun, so I really need to watch how much I am out in the Sun. Raspberries, I LOVE being outdoors in the summer!

As of now she did suggest that perhaps a Vitamin D supplement would be beneficial to me as we simply do not get enough from the sun.  Also that we will be trying to get chemo for a 2 weeks in a row, one week off plan.........which will be the first time my body can handle a treatment 2 weeks in a row if my lab results come back okay this Sunday.  So far it has been every other week, but things have been looking just peachy, no side effects, no crashes, blood work fine everything! I am so very blessed to have everything going so smoothly.

Other than that, we are looking at about 2 more months of chemo where we will scan again, review and hopefully then go to hormonal therapy! WOOT!

So yeah, things are rolling right along and I am feeling better as each day passes, and each day is just bloody AMAZING!


  1. Amazing. My thoughts are with you and your family. Stay strong and positive. Many blessing to you and yours.

  2. So good to hear you are improving! Take it easy, please. You can sit outside under an awning or umbrella. Early morning and late afternoons have less UV rays, or whatever they are called. This seems like a miracle. Happy for you. Ann

  3. Carrie, that is wonderful news! Thanks for keeping us "in the loop" with your progress.