Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Food Purchases

The one junk snack I allowed myself was a box of ice cream sandwiches! LOL

blueberry pomegranit tea
white tea mango peach

large tub of plain greek yogurt
cottage cheese
block of cheddar cheese
frozen blackberries
2 cans frozen OJ

large bag raisin bran cereal
organic romaine salad mix
white button mushrooms
green onions
Fresh Pineapple
2 bags fresh Carrots

chopped walnuts
4 cans black beans
1can chunky soup: grilled chicken and sausage gumbo

whole wheat triple berry fig newtons

papaya leaf extract

all natural whole grain bread

Wild Foraging : Wild Asparagus!

Papaya leaf extract has a ton of beneficial and cancer fighting properties where I started today taking 1/2 teaspoon a day mixed into a small glass of water. It helps bowel movements, breaks down proteins, boosts immune system, binds and removes toxic cancer causing cells, shrinks tumors, helps with free radicals and so so so much more! Google it!

Sample of what I am eating:

Yesterday:  Raisin bran with banana

Lunch:  cottage cheese, fig newtons, grilled asparagus prunes  ( had prunes in house)

Dinner: Salad with sliced mushrooms,green onions and half can black beans with salad dressing served with 2 glasses of blueberry pomegranit tea.

snack: Fig newtons and ice cream sandwich

Today:  Breakfast-  blackberry Walnut smoothie with 2 slices whole grain toast  followed by glass of water with papaya leaf extract

Lunch:  2 slices of whole grain toast cottage cheese and orange ( hubby traded orange for ice cream sandwich LOL)

dinner- Salad with sliced mushrooms, green onion, boiled eggs (our own chickens) and a little cubed cheese and other half can of black beans

Still obviously needs work but I had a budget of $50 for 2 weeks for myself and this is what I could get so it is a start and certainly one in the right direction!


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